Arrived at Pila go through the tunnel, that ends  in front of cableway  “ Gorraz-Gran Grimod” entered to the left the parking lot and returned on your footsteps you will find you to the feet of a small slope (with to the left the restaurant of the ski teachers and to the right a rental ski).
On top of this small slope you will have appointment with the snowmobile that will bring you to baitagrimod .  In the morning the only thing you will have to do is not put on the ski, go down the ski run, by the ski-pass and ……. ski the whole day !
The apartments must be left at 8 a.m. on the last day, not later, because the snowmobile must be back in baita Grimod within 08,45 a.m. If you do not leave the house on time you will have to take all your luggages  out of it and leave them in the closet and wait for the 17,00 p.m.